Monday, February 2, 2009

Australian Open 2009

date : 19th Jan 09 - 1st Feb 09
location : my spiritual home, MELBOURNE PARK

since the year 2005, when i started to play tennis seriously ( serious ke pun?? haha ok, lil bit serious thn i was in high school at least), going to AO is one of my dream. I always frantic whenever anyone mentioned bout AO which is something that i don't feel for other grand slams. and if u ask me why I HAVE NO ANSWER for that ;p

i managed to go for only 4 days due to $$ probs. LOL~ but all was AWESOME! it's like a dream came true! or IT'S DREAM COME TRUE! hahaha.. i cant express the feelings and the experience's totally undescribeable! :)

for me, pictures speak thousands words. so here u g

two of my fav player :)

hmmm.. for other pics click here :
lastly, congrats rafa! good job roger! and i heart u nando! :) and ana, i wanna see u next year!

better stop now, im starving. and hell yes i dun wanna die skinny! haha

.::things happen for reasons::.