Saturday, February 21, 2009

my SUPER BIG day :)


last 2 years, 21022007 i swore to myself that i'm not going to celebrate any of my birthday anymore. all of this were due to my super heartbroken incident. believe it or not i knew i was only a re-bounce to this one silly guy through FLYFM which means whoever listening to it that morning knew~ sighs.

but today, everything changed. i cant stop myself from celebrating it. birthday has always been one of my favourite event every year. :)
the nyte before the clock strikes 0000; 21022009, i received a few birthday texts and msgs on my fb wall. but somehow i dont really feel excited bout it. not saying i didnt appreciate it's just .... u know there's no spark yet maybe due to my previous lame reason kot ;p ( oh yeah, that nyte i chatted with my new friends - ziela, syida and hamzah. they wished me. aww sweet arent they?)

then, this morning i when i woke up , i quickly grab my lappy and check my fb as i expected there'll be wishes at least. after scrolling down the msgs, i found out a very interesting video,
GOSH! IT'S FOR ME!!! its from my bestie.

gediks yet adorable isnt she?? :) heart u bestie :)

then i went to uni for tennis with hamzah. it was nice to play something u love on ur big day.:)
when i was playing, i got textS from pian and yann, asking where am i and the worse pasrt when pian asked me when i'll be free.. hahaha.. ( i know they're planning something! cmmon! i am the mastermind all the tyme! so all this kind of tricks, hujung jari je laa!!)
done with tennis then i went to kak jie's place straight. lepak2 and have breakfast. a few moment later someone knocked the door . i knew i must be farouq. then there u go. farouq but there was a ranting pokok at the back holding cake with candles!! awwwww!!! i knew it i'm so0o0o gonna love this year's birthday! due to nak control macho-ness face( ye laa.. i always made those surprise for ppl now its my tyme), i tried not to look surprise :P

spontaneous vids from this 2 rascals!! kinda cute :P

mom and sys called. they wish me! OMG! i've been waiting for their call since the nyte before. talk to them. ouch i miss them. then got text from daddy and the trouble maker. as usual, their present to me is INFINITE KASIH SAYANG :)

to yana, thx i knw u x luper my bday it's just the work load kan?? i knew u sayang i :)

later in the evening we went to south melb beach. was hell fun .
will upload the pics later.

kinda tired now. better pen off first. here go some pics from my super bigday today. to all who cheered up my day, thanks :) you guys are really matter to me. ( u knoe who u are)
and again thx for all the wishes :)

wow this is long!~ HAPPY 22ND BDAY ERNIE EZARRA BAHARI!! (22 is just a figure. i'll forever be young at heart :))

.:: things happen for reasons ::.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

080809 :)

the graduation's date is out. as i jotted down the date, i quickly grabbed my cell and call mommy. she sounded super excited. so we started to plan the trip....
  • shopping
  • mornington
  • ballarat
  • geelong
  • and the list goes on...
hmm that was few weeks ago. just now mom called.

mom : along, if ibu and ayah pergi ur convocation for few days jer ok x??

me: oh, why?

mom : baru dapat project baru. so the workload will double up. it's not that we dont want to spent tyme with u. just the work.

me : hmm ok.. ( but deep inside i was sad. really. ttbe rase homesick)

mom : ok.. nnt ibu try tye abah ( my uncle) whether dier nak ikut x.

me : ok. catch u later ibu. love u

then i texted my aunty. mengadu laa konon. hehs..hmm, not denying that i was quite down but after talking to my aunty i think i should be happy enough. atleast they spare their tyme out of their busy schedule for me. better thn nothing ayte?

i cant wait for it! miss you both!! oh yeah the 3 little rascals and the aunty and cousins too :)
so 080809 baby! :D

p/s : oh pian, if u are reading this, please save duit from now!! hiks

.:: things happen for reasons ::.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Australian Open 2009

date : 19th Jan 09 - 1st Feb 09
location : my spiritual home, MELBOURNE PARK

since the year 2005, when i started to play tennis seriously ( serious ke pun?? haha ok, lil bit serious thn i was in high school at least), going to AO is one of my dream. I always frantic whenever anyone mentioned bout AO which is something that i don't feel for other grand slams. and if u ask me why I HAVE NO ANSWER for that ;p

i managed to go for only 4 days due to $$ probs. LOL~ but all was AWESOME! it's like a dream came true! or IT'S DREAM COME TRUE! hahaha.. i cant express the feelings and the experience's totally undescribeable! :)

for me, pictures speak thousands words. so here u g

two of my fav player :)

hmmm.. for other pics click here :
lastly, congrats rafa! good job roger! and i heart u nando! :) and ana, i wanna see u next year!

better stop now, im starving. and hell yes i dun wanna die skinny! haha

.::things happen for reasons::.