Thursday, February 12, 2009

080809 :)

the graduation's date is out. as i jotted down the date, i quickly grabbed my cell and call mommy. she sounded super excited. so we started to plan the trip....
  • shopping
  • mornington
  • ballarat
  • geelong
  • and the list goes on...
hmm that was few weeks ago. just now mom called.

mom : along, if ibu and ayah pergi ur convocation for few days jer ok x??

me: oh, why?

mom : baru dapat project baru. so the workload will double up. it's not that we dont want to spent tyme with u. just the work.

me : hmm ok.. ( but deep inside i was sad. really. ttbe rase homesick)

mom : ok.. nnt ibu try tye abah ( my uncle) whether dier nak ikut x.

me : ok. catch u later ibu. love u

then i texted my aunty. mengadu laa konon. hehs..hmm, not denying that i was quite down but after talking to my aunty i think i should be happy enough. atleast they spare their tyme out of their busy schedule for me. better thn nothing ayte?

i cant wait for it! miss you both!! oh yeah the 3 little rascals and the aunty and cousins too :)
so 080809 baby! :D

p/s : oh pian, if u are reading this, please save duit from now!! hiks

.:: things happen for reasons ::.


khalida salleh =) said...

cup cup.. finish already arent u?
oh my.... cepatnyee!!! waaah besh2! btw, tahniah


bila mau pulang??

supi said...

gambar tgh stim tu xyah la taruk...adeyhhhhh

eRn^zArrA said...