Saturday, November 14, 2009

things i want to do before i die...

there are lotssss of thing i wanna do before i die. now that im 22, i've done a few yet has a long list of things and wishes to be completed. here are the list ...

  1. i wanna make my parents happy and proud of me. yeah sounds cliche but thats my main reason of living i guess.
  2. get married to someone who loves me as much as i do love him.
  3. have my own dream wedding. unique one. attend by families and friends. no press!(who knows if i get married to a well known ppl or artist yea?) LOL~
  4. i wish to still get what i have now after i get married later. i.e annual family vacation.
  5. dying to meet oprah winfrey!
  6. get an IDEAL WEIGHT before my wedding! :P my ideal weight would be 58kg. (wayy to go baby)
  7. get into the business world before im 25.
  8. i would like to learn mandarin seriously.
  9. learn how to say "i love you" in atleast 30 languages so that i can say it to my love one in different language everyday. :))
  10. go bungee jumping. this time around am gonna make sure that im not going with mom as i dont want her to stop me again.
  11. go rock climbing. with a few more wall climbing session, im pretty sure i can make do this. a lil bit more!! yeay!
  12. find a partner in crime. by crime i mean i can do all the crazy stuffs with him/her.
  13. i wanna date FERNANDO VERDASCO. a week would be enough :) *will u??*
  14. spend weeks in switzerland. for no reason, i always wanted to go here.
  15. get a coach for tennis. and make a big serve like roddick's.
  16. i wanna have my own kids. 3 minimum and 4 maximum. :P
  17. study something related to psychology and education so that i can apply them to raise my kids and also to tame the hubby LOL :P
  18. go sky-diving.
  19. get something/ someone to help me to overcome my aquaphobia.
  20. a persian cat as a pet.
  21. backpacking alone.
  22. go to disney land! not the one in hon kong.
  23. to climb the statue of liberty.
  24. to learn beading and knitting. preparation for hari bosan.
  25. to have a walk in robe similar to the on in sex in the city. *amin yarabbal alamin*
  26. to be a better person. outside and inside.
  27. be nearer to Allah. insyaAllah..
  28. discover what actually make me really happy.
  29. to raise my kids just like how i am raised. or maybe better.
  30. have a night in with the love ones as frequent as we can.
  31. live and eat healthily.
  32. to shop at harrods.
  33. to be in size 10 once.
  34. own a house. doesnt have to be a mansion, as long as it is comfortable, i am fine with it.
  35. own nissan fair lady or audi TT
  36. have a white room where everything in the room is white.
  37. go around the world with my loved ones.
  38. to participate in LA TOMATINA in spain. ( food fight)
  39. to a massage centre. so me and my parents can go anytime we want.
  40. learn belly dancing.
  41. do a private pole dance for my husband :P
  42. attend pastry class. so i can always make dessert and cakes in my own tastes and shapes.
  43. make friends from all over the world.
  44. ride the top ten roller coasters in the world.
  45. and i'm sleepy. cont later :
nyte peeps ":)


Anonymous said...

#5: i'm dying to see oprah too.

u pun aquaphobic ke? sama la kita.

#41: kinky sial.hahahahhahaha.

Ernie Bahari said...

ade yg lagi kinky but malu aaa nak post! :P hahhahaha

uji said...

nak gak jupe oprah...
suke sangat...
ern kalo, nak gi ajak ekkk..thehehe

Ernie Bahari said...

sure thing kak jie! :)

Dona said...

I would also like to go to the real Disneyland, too =) But the cost of going to the U.S of A is just too ridiculous.

ami fadhillah amir abdul nasir said...

ko jiwang jugak ehhhhh :P

fikri melake said...

i can grant ur wish no 20

Ernie Bahari said...

whoa!! ade persian cat?? nak!!

fikri melake said...

of coz la ade,u can view them at my fb